1 Des Moines Menace
Week 6: W, 3-0 STL W, 1-0 @STL
Week 7: @KAW
Last Week: 2
The only undefeated team who have yet to concede a goal stand at the top of the Heartland Division averaging over two goals a game. But the Menace face a difficult run ahead with five more away games as part of a six straight game road trip that runs nearly the entirety of the month of June.
2 Chicago FC United
Week 6: W, 3-1 DAY, W, 3-0 @CIN
Week 7: @DAY
Last Week: 3
Sitting pretty at the top of the Great Lakes with just one loss this year to the Bucks. They have been scoring like mad with 16 goals on the season but defending well too with just two goals conceded overall. Last week they beat both Dutch Lions’ sides, scoring six goals and only conceding once.
3 Flint City Bucks
Week 6: W, 1-0 @WVA, W, 7-0 @WVA
Week 7: DAY
Last Week: 4
The Bucks have been finding ways to get points through a mostly strong defense while only scoring 7 goals in their opening six games with over half of their goals conceded coming in one game against Chicago. The Bucks also played West Virginia in an exhibition over the weekend and matched their total season goals in that game winning 7-0.
4 Kaw Valley FC
Week 6: L, 1-2 GBV, T, 1-1 GBV
Week 7: STL, DMM
Last Week: 1
Still a very strong team in the Heartland division despite only taking one point off of Green Bay last week. Kaw Valley have only lost once this year in seven games and hold a strong in second in the Heartland Division just one point off the leaders.
5 Green Bay Voyageurs FC
Week 6: W, 2-1 @KAW, T, 1-1 @KAW
Week 7: --

Last Week: 5
Newcomers to the central Power Rankings, Green Bay have slowly started to look better in every game so far this season after grabbing four points off of Kaw Valley last week and even getting a draw against League One side, Forward Madison, in a friendly.